Tuesday, January 9

Jeff Kirby + Margo LaPierre

Jeff Kirby

Jeff Kirby’s one of Toronto’s treasures but we’ll ferret him to Ottawa for a night of queer, moving, poetry to launch 2018 right.
Jeff Kirby’s newest is She's Having a Doris Day (Knife From Book, 2017). Earlier chapbooks include Simple Enough, Cock & Soul, Bob's boy, and The world is fucked and sometimes beautiful. Their work appears in numerous anthologies beginning with the letter Q, and most recently online at Matrix Magazine and bandcamp/jeffkirby. Kirby is the owner/publisher of knife | fork | book.
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Margo LaPierre

Margo LaPierre, our Local Light of 2014 returns with her first collection, Washing off the Racoon Eyes
Margo LaPierre is a Canadian poet and visual artist. Her poems have been published in The Feathertale Review, filling Station, The Riveter Review, Bywords Literary Quarterly, Petal Journal, the Antigonish Review, Echolocation, The Claremont Review, CAROUSEL and EAT IT: A Literary Cookbook of Food, Sex and Feminism. Her poem “Bear Skin Rug” received the silver award for Poetry in 2017 from the Alberta Magazine Publishers Awards. Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes is her first collection of poems. She currently lives in Toronto. For more information, visit her website at: www.margolapierre.com.
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