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Sandra Ridley

Sandra Ridley is a mentor and powerful voice in contemporary poetry

Sandra Ridley is the author of four books of poetry: Fallout, Post-Apothecary, The Counting House, and Silvija (published by BookThug this fall). She has mentored poets through Salus Ottawa (Supportive Housing and Mental Health Services) and Artswell’s “Footprints to Recovery”, a partnership program for people living with mental illness. In 2015, she was a finalist for the KM Hunter Award for Mid-Career Writer.

From Sandra Ridley

Two poems from Rest Cure

Before running on nightshade & wormwood in a topiary maze.


Before hawthorn punctures her arm : poison tipped.


Before a peck of stones, she handpicks or pockets,

she is camphor-doused

& blinded

by a fold of wool : wet & held tight to her eyes.


Before his screen & clips & the red light & darkening, his hands pressed


to his switchboard & mirror : apparatus of the in-out & charged.


Before her fluoroscopic diapositive &

the smell of two kinds of heat.


Nothing left hidden in her body.


Before & after, there is only this : four corners to a room

& the others pounding at the door.






For all the corruption in her body :

she is linen wrapped

& straight-jacked under his muslin tight sack

as salt stains her throat

& curves


from sternum

& down leather strapped by collar bone.


Behind un-papered walls

she is held

& suspended – not heavy & dragging

or veiled by sulphur

but light,

light & swinging.


Fully encased in his plaster cast,

she is strung from above for a fortnight :

blood on her bitten lip,

a lick of rain

on a boarded window, her aberrant crack

of light.